• Mission:
    Take photos of people
    who love what they do

  • Fine camera is good.
    Fine timing is better.

  • There is art in ordinary things.

  • Butterflies vs Autofocus, a lost battle

  • Enjoyable people make enjoyable photos.

  • Real love, real emotions.

So Different, So Similar: Life Style and Travel Photography to 34 Countries

I'm Per Swantesson, aka Pelle, a Swedish photographer based in Mexico, an explorer of cultures and of life. I thrive on connecting with genuine people, atmospheres - capturing the essence of living, working, playing. This passion has taken me to photo shoots on all continents except Africa.

I rarely stage or direct poses, but I prefer turning off hi-speed burst mode and carefully take well timed photos in natural settings. I try to be very present with the people and situations I photograph.

Sometimes I shoot at posh luxury hotels on Bermuda. Equally often I tell a story of joy that common people find in their daily lives. Travel and life style photography in non western countries is what I enjoy the very most.

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My Clients

Nasdaq companies contact me for authentic we-work-for-this-company photography, send me to exotic islands and buy me drinks. Mostly my clients are for destination weddings in Argentina, New Zealand, Sweden, Mexico, India, Germany and other cool places. A sun drenched intimate 30-person wedding in Patagonia at a glacier river under snow capped peaks is my favorite so far. Swimming in the river was on the program, but I forgot to put swimwear in the photo bag.